"You must learn day by day, year by year,
to broaden your horizon."

Ethel Barrymore
"Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old,
and you may become a teacher of others."

Want to have fun with your horse in a tranquil, yet competitive environment that won’t break the bank?
Join the Amateur team at Arroyo Arabians under the guidance of Kelly Elm & Rafael Perez.
See what some of the Amateurs of Arroyo Arabians are saying – and winning!

Having such success showing as amateurs with our trainer Kelly Elm, proves the enjoyment that is part of being an amateur. Also it is very important to be in an environment that is full of positive energy where the learning process is assimilated with joy.

Antonia & Mario Arroyo, Antonia began her riding career in 1987 with Kelly’s assistance. We even got Mario in the ring a few times!

Although I am new to Arroyo Arabians, I have been showing with various trainers for 15 years and I am extremely impressed with the exceptional service we have received from Kelly and Rafael. We truly enjoy the atmosphere at the barn and have never felt rushed or numbered. It has the perfect balance of professionalism and family. Also, with our home so far away it is always nerve-wracking sending your horse to a trainer because you never know how much training they are actually getting. It is quite obvious after only a few monthly visits that our boy is receiving the highest quality training available and they have already exceeded my expectations. Each time we visit it's like seeing an entirely different horse, and that is so exciting!

Sandi Hogan, Headed for the English Futurities with her ’07 Half-Arabian/Hackney gelding

I have learned so much being in the training program at Arroyo Arabians with Kelly Elm and Rafael Perez. Not only do they train your horse to achieve perfection, but they really care about teaching you as an individual as well! They are willing to share their vast knowledge with you on any topic, even if it does not have to do with the horses you currently have in training with them. All the horses are very well taken care of at the farm and are loved by the whole team at Arroyo; this is very important to me; I want a trainer that will treat my horses with love and kindness, but at the same time instill in them obedience and respect for their rider/handler. Showing with the Arroyo amateur team is a blast; everyone is very supportive, professional, friendly and FUN! I am always looking forward to my next lesson or horse show with the Arroyo Arabians team!

Ann Simic

I have had a love for horses my entire life. I had never taken a lesson, but ridden for many years. I was very nervous about my first lesson with Kelly, but she and the staff at Arroyo Arabians has a knack for making everyone feel welcome. Kelly made me feel at ease while explaining better ways to communicate with my horse to form a partnership.

Katie Fisher, with Mystiffied AKA "Princess"

The longer I know Kelly, the more I admire her. As a trainer and instructor, she is so attentive to the needs of each horse and student. She treats us as individuals, somehow understanding what we each need and encouraging and praising us to continually perfect and master what she is teaching. Showing with the Arroyo family is such a joy! I feel so encouraged and supported by all of the staff, and have accomplished things that would not have been possible without their depth of experience with both people and horses. They are certainly a “winning” combination!

Elizabeth Cross, Two Scottsdale Top Tens in Amateur Western & Hunter in her first Show!

Kelly is quite simply the best teacher and trainer! Her understanding and ability with the horses (and students) is remarkable. In short, there is none better.

Jo Franklin, Enjoying her new horse with weekly Hunter lessons

Kelly Elm is the most versatile and talented trainer and instructor I’ve encountered throughout many breeds and disciplines… truly ethical and forthright… Kelly always thinks of what is the right direction for each horse as an individual first and then balances that with the owner/riders expectations and desires. Kelly and her staff at Arroyo are the consummate professionals and a heck of a lot of fun to show with! Being part of Arroyo Arabians is like having a super supportive family in the Arabian Horse Show world!

Claire Hanssen, Realtor and owner of Rock Front Arabians, pictured as Champions in Amateur Hunter & Western while at Arroyo Arabians since 2005

I love training and showing with Kelly Elm and Arroyo Arabians. The barn atmosphere is relaxed but very professional. Kelly is a fantastic trainer and teacher--she approaches each horse and rider on an individual basis. I have learned so much from her and made huge progress over the last few years.

Nancy Eklund, Succeeding with Kelly’s guidance in Show Hack & Country Pleasure since 2005

Part of the reason I love riding at this farm is because the horses are so well trained, and they stay that way.

Flora Elm-Colone, with "MD"

My horse, Reflection SA, was in training with Kelly and Rafael for 3 years. He then left the state for a breeding lease for 2 years. I have recently brought my horse home to my own barn and I trail ride him several days a week in the Chatsworth hills. He is the most well trained horse I have ever ridden in my life. Anyone can ride him in Country Pleasure or Western Pleasure competition, including young children. I definitely got my money's worth with the training of this horse. He is a DREAM to ride, and every day, I anxiously look forward to visits and riding my horse. Arroyo Arabians is a class act, you get what you pay for, horses don't sit in their stalls until the owner gets there. They are truly ridden and trained for the performance division best suited for them. There has never been a more honest barn of horses in my 20 years of dealing with people in the Arabian breed.

Sandee Andrews with Reflection SA – enjoying life!

Arroyo Arabians is an intentionally small, bustling community of happy, thriving people comprised of owners, staff, trainers and clients who have figured out how to provide the satisfying and true amateur experience. This simple equation is what most competitors are looking for. For every new client of Arroyo’s, there is a sense of “belonging” that keeps them loyal. This “belonging” is what every true amateur wants to feel in his or her training barn. Combine that with a tranquil facility, no-drama barn dynamics, priority on “fun,” and a comparatively less expensive monthly board bill, and you have an equation that is immediately attractive to almost every amateur competitor.

Evie Tubbs owner of Destination Equus – Equine vacation tours

We'd love to talk to you about joining the Arroyo Arabians Amateur team.